1)  The objective of the Kahnawake Jr B Hunters are to win games and qualify for playoffs.  Coaches and Owners decide whats best for the team and make adjustments to ensure a successful season.

2) To ensure that Junior Lacrosse stays strong in Kahnawake, and that all Kahnawake Minor Lacrosse has a place to continue their lacrosse when their Minor Lacrosse Career ends.  

Playing time

All players must attend practice.  If a player misses practice without a first notifying management, the player will NOT dress in the following game.  If there is no practice in between games, the player must attend and participate in warm-up of the first following game (as all are expected to). Valid reasons to miss: work, school field game or other sports related activity, and your own death 


The Kahnawake Jr B Hunters is a privately owned and operated team, outside the KMLA.  Although we work alongside the KMLA and follow rules and regulations of the OLA & CLA, if your child does not play in a game, there is no reason to ask a coach/manager or owner as to the reason why they did not play.  You can ask your child why they didnt dress as they are normally told.  Here are some reasons that are common: missed practice, played a previously bad game, looked poor or sluggish in warm up, or bad attitude.   

midget and intermediate ap

Midget Ap's are a time honoured tradition and a necessity to all Junior Lacrosse Clubs.  Their role is to provide extra bodies when needed due to YOU missing practice.  These AP's are expected to attend all Junior B Practices when not in conflict with their own team.  Midget AP's first priority is their own Midget team, second the Jr B's.  We will not allow players to supersede the Minor Lacrosse policies.  Midget AP's have the ability to play all 20 games of a regular Jr B season, provided they have permission from the Coaching staff of The Midget Team, and the President of the KMLA.  The use of Midget AP's is also to prepare them as they are our up and coming players.  We will help them develop, which benefits the Midget team as they head for Provincials.