2009 – Re-entry into the OLA after a 5 year Hiatus, Head Coach Spencer Stacey, First Captain Hunter Hemlock, Karakwanoron Two Axe highest point getter with 73
2010 – 

Head Coach Louis Alfred

Awarded Coaching Staff of the year.  Captain Karakwanoron Two Axe, Kyle Alfred highest point getter at 41.  Team into playoffs knocked out by Green Gaels in the Second round.



Head Coach Louis Alfred

Captain Karakwanoron Two Axe and highest point getter at 57. Team into playoffs knocked out by NewMarket in 4 

2012 –

Head Coach Louis Alfred

Captain Ateweniio Deer & highest point getter at 56. Team removed by Halton Hills in the Playoffs

2013- Head Coach Louis Alfred

Captain Kevin Davey, Nick Angus Highest point getter at 62.  The Hunters were defeated by Halton Hills in the Playoffs

2014-Haina Thompson and Kahnawiio Dione

2015/16- Kirby Joe Diabo, Ryan Cross, 

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We’re currently looking for security personnel and door staff for the following tasks.


  • Selling Half and Half

  • Admissions

  • T-shirts & Hats

  • Door Prizes

  • Greeting incoming teams and fans

  • Frisbee Toss


The Hunters have 10 Home games starting April 30 vs The Gloucester Griffins

Dates and times where we need your help at The Kahnawake Sports Complex

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2017 coaches

Garrett Cree

The Hunters were started back in 2007 by The Kahnawake Minor Lacrosse Association as a proposed idea to ensure lacrosse had a solid home for all players graduating from their Midget program.

The team started as The Mohawk Intermediate Team in 2008, which was then transformed into The Jr B Hunters in 2009 with acceptance back into The OLA Jr B league after a hiatus which had the Kahnawake Junior team in two other leagues, The ILA and QLA.

Almost all players graduated from Kahnawake Minor Lacrosse, with the exception of players that were picked up to join the team to help enhance our program. We have signed players from Onondaga, Akwesasne, Montreal and Sherbrooke, and will continue to look abroad for excellence to improve the game.

The Hunters monacher was decided through a voting system of proposed names in an effort to distinguish the team name from all other sports teams that used the Kahnawake Mohawks Banner-Lacrosse, Hockey and Soccer, minors to seniors. 

The name Hunters cannot be mistaken with any other team based in Kahnawake.  Thus creating the Kahnawake Jr B Hunters Franchise.